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Looking for Osteopathy in Etobicoke?


Step into the world of gentle, full-body bliss with Manual Osteopathy, a unique hands-on treatment designed to identify and address imbalances, misalignments, motion restrictions, and compensation patterns throughout the body.

To optimize blood & nerve flow and promote proper bodily function & healing, our skilled Osteopath utilizes techniques such as:

  • Myofascial Release

  • Muscular Energy Techniques

  • Gentle Joint Mobilizations


Osteo vs. Massage

Osteo - Clients stay clothed, takes a holistic approach, addresses both soft tissue and muscle activation, includes joint mobilizations, active and passive therapies. Massage - Involves lotion with more skin-to-skin contact, primarily focuses on soft tissue, and typically involves passive treatment.

Osteo vs. Chiropractor

Osteo - embraces gentle joint mobilizations and soft tissue work throughout the entire body. Chiropractor - often centers on spine-focused movements with high velocity low amplitude thrusts.

Osteo vs. Physio

Osteo - uses a more holistic approach, with main focus on manual therapy using variety of techniques & positions, relaxing to nervous system. Physio - focuses on specific joint movement, activation, strength, sport conditioning, localized manual techniques


Manual Osteopathy Rates

Manual Osteopathy Assessment:   $130.00

15 min treatment:   $55.00  

30 min treatment:   $80.00 

45 min treatment:   $105.00 

60 min treatment:   $125.00 

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